Nitroplus Chiral has announced that their visual novel title DRAMAtical Murder Re:code will be releasing on October 30th in Japan.

The game will launch with a First-Print Limited Edition which will include an mini soundtrack and a special-illustrated art book that will cost 8,800 yen. The pricing of the standard edition and downloadable version has also been announced, with them costing 6,500 yen and 5,500 yen respectively.

The PS Vita version, which is based on the original 2012 18-rated PC Boys’ Love game, is rated CERO C (for ages 15 and over) so it is expected that there will be some changes.

As soon as we hear more about DRAMAtical Murder Re:Code, we will be sure to let you know!

  • I haven’t even started watching this one yet, and they’ve already announced a game?! It was in my queue yesterday, but I just couldn’t peel myself away from Arrow. That show is too good…

    • Angela M

      Yoooo the game came first on PC, then the anime that was based on the game, then the vita remake 😀

  • nonscpo

    So another Otome game for the vita huh, let the fan girls squeal!

  • Ichigo Yoite

    squeal! (And I’m not a girl X_X Please don’t hit me!)