Producer Yosuke Futami has confirmed that a sequel to Hollow Fragment is in the planning stages.

During a recent interview with producer Yosuke Futami and Sword Art Online author Reki Kawahara, Famitsu brought up Futami’s previous statement that if Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment sells more than the previous game (Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment for PSP), a sequel for the Vita game would be possible.

Now that Hollow Fragment has outsold the PSP game (without even hitting Western shores yet), Futami noted;

“I’m thinking about setting up plans for the sequel.”

While that’s not exactly a treasure trove of information, it’s good to know that Futami is true to his word.

We’ll have more on a Sword Art Online sequel as it releases, but for now we’re still waiting on Hollow Fragment – due out August 19th in North America and August 20th in Europe.

  • Himanshu Goel

    :O Gun Gale Online Vita game anyone?

    • Borshay

      Which ever one they decide on I’ll probably be there! Would be cool to use that light’sword’ thing. If it does well enough in the West, maybe the possible sequel will get a physical/retail release.

      • Himanshu Goel

        actually, TBH, they should go for a real MMO, it’d sell like crazy, sadly nervegear is nowhere near reality today…

        • Uzair Syed

          Even making one for Morpheus would be cool though IMO. Just seeing the world even though ur still using a controller wouldn’t be too bad.

          • Borshay

            PS4 w/ Morpheus and PC w/ Rift. That would be pretty bad ass.

      • nonscpo

        Yeah I agree the next game better have a physical release.

  • Lester Paredes