Freedom Wars has only just been released in Japan and so far the reactions to the game have been somewhat mixed. Perhaps the number one complaint being hurled at the game is that it can be too hard at times, and that the difficulty level spikes unfairly in the second half of the game.

Sony and the game’s producer Junichi Yoshizawa have taken notice of this criticism and have announced in a blog post that a new patch for the game is currently being worked on that will address the difficulty balance and smooth things out.

The patch will feature adjustments to a number of stages from Chapter 7 and later. Things such as enemy respawn times and health levels for Abductors will be modified to give players a better chance at surviving encounters. A new control scheme for the whip will also be introduced, and players will now be allowed to use the thorn-whip in the middle of a dash.

Yoshizawa also thanked fans for their feedback on the game and apologized for the uneven balance in the game. He said that while normally these issues should have been worked out prior to the games launch, he felt that it was more important this time to make adjustments based on player feedback.

No word on when the patch will be issued, but all indications are that it will be any day now.

  • Lester Paredes

    I don’t know how to feel about this. I like hard games (Dark Souls), as long as they are fair. From the videos that I have seen, it doesn’t look fair, but they could just be cherry picking the scenes that support their claims.
    I do like that they are supporting the game and listening to player feedback, though. That part is awesome.

    • nonscpo

      It’s tough to say if the Japanese gamers are casuals or hardcore making these complaints. However given how vocal they’ve been I’m going to lean on the hardcore and say their grievances are more than legitimate.

      • Lester Paredes

        Well, so long as the game becomes better because of it, I guess I’m for it.

  • I hope this patch will be released day 1 with the US version. Monster Hunter games are pretty grueling as is though…so I was honestly expecting this title to be particularly nasty.

    • nonscpo

      Agreed would be nice to not have to wait for a day one patch.