Anime/Manga Rail Wars! getting the visual novel treatment on Vita thanks to 5pb, and we get a small look thanks to Famitsu.

Based on the anime of the same name but following a brand new story, this visual novel will progress from protagonist Naoto Takayama’s point of view as he aspires to work at the Japanese National Railways.

Here’s the magazine scan from Famitsu, which shows some of the characters and a few tiny screens from the game;


Rail Wars! is set to release November 27th in Japan, selling at 7,344 yen ($72.50 US) for a physical version and 6,480 yen ($64 US) for the digital download. There will also be a special edition, which will launch at 10,584 yen ($104.50 US).

  • nonscpo

    Hmmm not sure what to make out of this one. While im sure the visual novel genre will work for the overall background of this franchise. The reality is I have no clue what the hype is behind this anime is. Sure theirs adult instead of teenagers, and their not in High school but instead workplace like stories, but originality will only take you so far. How about it anybody, is the anime worth it?

    • Lester Paredes

      Only in anime would it be considered original to focus on adults and workplace issues. lol.

      • nonscpo

        Hey true is true!