It looks like Escape Hatch Entertainment has been hard at work with their upcoming update for Starlight Inception.

Update v1.01 went live earlier today for SCEA regions and should be heading to SCEE soon, according to a tweet on their Twitter account.

With the update we get a ton of fixes, but be aware that this update is going to take 2.3 GB of space.

Some of the fixes include;

  • Fog now displays properly in all levels where it is present.
  • AI now properly targets and attacks player character.
  • Text clarity improved game wide.
  • Optimization of frame rate in all parts of game.
  • Y-axis invert works properly.
  • Purchase button added for ship and equipment screens
  • General bug fixes.

Let us know if you plan to get the game or jump back in now that its been greatly overhauled.

For more on Starlight Inception (and everything PlayStation Vita), be sure to stay tuned to The Vita Lounge.

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  • Kyle Wakeling

    Holy moly! 2.3GB!

    Biggest. Update. EVAR.

    • Lester Paredes

      DAYUM! I can’t download that right now… lol.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      Indeed. I think they should take the road Guerrilla Games did and implement a method in the game that compress every single new update. Otherwise no memory card will survive an other update like this one.
      Judging by the size, either there were ultra tons of bugs in-game or they decided to justify themselves for those who waited for this very update and added some extra stuff to pay off.
      Are you guys going to review the game now that the update is live?

      • Kyle Wakeling

        Brad’s working on the review for us, should be up soon.

        • Rodolfo Ferreira

          That’s great to read!
          Are you guys also going to review MotoGP 14?

  • Wow. 2.3 GB.

    • nonscpo

      My thoughts exactly.