Mighty No. 9 has had a busy couple of weeks. After the announcement of a new animated series in the works, the team at comcept have decided to get back to the basics and reveal more about the main character Beck.

In our last update we were treated to some information about Beck’s sidekick Call and her character animations. Now we learn more information about the main hero Beck and some of his basic moves.

The first video being shared shows off Beck’s basic actions of running/jumping/shooting. As fans of platformers know, each game takes a different approach to jump mechanics and running. LittleBigPlanet’s floaty jumps in despised by some and loved by others, while Mario has a much tighter control. It would appear that Beck runs with a much looser style, but you can judge for yourself in this newly released video.

In the second video we are treated to seeing Beck and his climbing abilities. This includes both going up and down ladders, but also dangling from ledges. It gives a good idea as to how Beck will shoot while traversing both up and down.

Video three shows off Beck’s dash attack, which is an ability that we’ve learned Call will not have. The dash will not only be useful for attacks, but also to gain access to tight spaces.

And finally we get a look at Beck’s “absorb” ability. Once Beck has worn down an enemy sufficiently enough, he can dash into them in order to absorb their “Xel” which can then be converted into power-ups. This is an ability that is unique to Beck “and it’s this ability he has to use in order to save everybody.”

As each video warns though, this is a work in progress so the final game may not turn out exactly as these videos portray. More information on Mighy No. 9 can be expected in future updates from comcept, and the game is due for release in April 2015.

  • nonscpo

    I found these trailers to be average, nothing that much special from what we’ve seen already. Kinda wish they showed more background music.

  • Lester Paredes

    I wonder what game play hook Call is going to have. I hope it’s more fun than instant hard mode.

    • vongruetz .

      So far the only one I know of is her ability to crawl, which takes the place of Beck’s dash attack. But since the game is still a year away, I’m sure more surprises are in store.

      • Lester Paredes

        I sure hope so!

  • aros

    So it is a straight Mega Man clone.