Visual novel trilogy World End Economica has reached the end of its Kickstarter campaign and secured some sort of a release on Vita.

We originally brought you news of World End Economica in the midst of its Kickstarter campaign, when the PlayStation Vita goal was a far away stretch goal that might never be reached (despite the fact it was on track for it). Now however, we’ve got more news regarding the Vita release, and just what’s going to happen with this unique visual novel series.

The Vita tier (originally 100k, but dropped to 80k) was smashed through with a grand total of $94,835 raised, however due to not being pre-approved for a PSN release the team may have to release the trilogy on PlayStation Mobile instead of the full PSN store. The team is currently looking into getting the release bumped to native Vita, however it’s nice to see they’re trying to bring it to the platform regardless.

A game based on the stock market of the future (and set on the moon), we’ll have more on World End Economica as it becomes available – and we’ll be sure to keep you informed of the release method.

  • nonscpo

    OMFG if this port works we may seriously need to keep an eye on Sekai Projects future endevours as they are a publisher/localizer of Japanese indie Visual Novels.

  • nonscpo

    Yes yes yes, for anyone who was curious about SekaiProjects second Kickstarter “Fault Directors cut”. They’ve anounced their Vita stretch goal, its only $30,000 and they’ve already reached $26,000 with less than a week to go. I know that this is a fairly new company and that they still have to deliver the games, however as a vita owner and a gamer who enjoys visual novel’s I can’t help but feel excited about the posibilities 😉

  • Martin

    Is it possible for them to bring future ps vita visual novels to the native ps store? Cuz I have a wi fi only ps vita so I don’t have access to the ps mobile store.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      PlayStation Mobile isn’t limited to 3G Vitas, it’s by region. If you don’t see a PlayStation Mobile tab in the PlayStation Store, you’re not in a supported region.

      But yeah, I’d prefer a native version too.

      • Martin

        Oh, I see. Guess my country doesn’t have ps mobile, huh. I wonder if sony will extend their region support.