In Lost Dimension, your decisions will affect the story. In the latest set of screenshots we are shown the game’s ‘Vision’, ‘Reliability’ and ‘Judgement’ systems.

When you complete a quest you will be able to listen to the voice of your team member’s hearts. A suspicious voice will be indicated with the colour red. By choosing to replay the quest, you can narrow down the traitor amongst the ranks. If you still remain unsure, there is then a ‘Deep Vision’ mode which allows for you to explore the mind of your team member to figure out whether or not they have betrayed you. To ensure that this mode is not constantly used, there is a limit set for how many times you can use ‘Deep Vision’.


Once you have figured out who has carried out the betrayal, it is time for judgement. A vote determines who the traitor is and the person with the most votes is eliminated. This means that if you wrongly accuse someone of being the betrayer, you could be putting an innocent person to their death!

Players can manipulate the judgement votes. You do this by controlling the reliability between the member of your team. If two members of your team rely on each other a lot, this will make it harder for them to vote against each other. This means that it is recommended that you influence your team members and control their reliability through both conversation and battles.

Set to release in Japan on August 7th, with no word yet on Western localisation, be sure to keep checking The Vita Lounge for all news related to Lost Dimension.

But for now, here are some new screens from the game;

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    Please get a West release

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    Looks nice, Only good games in Japan. 🙁