Arc System Works, the developers behind the BlazBlue games, have released a series of videos on their official website showcasing new features and details for their forthcoming title Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy.

Fantasy Hero is a Vita exclusive co-operative RPG announced earlier this year that sees the player taking control of one member from a team made of a hero who can transform, a gunner character, a girl who has robotic turrets, and a masked wrestler.

There are five new videos in total, in Japanese language only at present but you can understand the salient points, showcasing a variety of game features.

Firstly, there’s a video showing basic co-operative gameplay and battling enemies, two further videos focusing on key game characters, another character-focused video this time highlighting their key moves and finally an eccentric video showing a chicken talking to another character with flashes of gameplay and battles in between.

Fantasy Hero is out now in Japan and there’s no word at present if, and indeed when, the title may come to Western shores.

  • Well this looks surprisingly good.

  • Lester Paredes

    I must play as that Luchador…