Players east of the Atlantic will be getting Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty at a slightly lower price. Just Add Water also announced the QwikBuy content for those who buy the game within two weeks of its release.

In order to keep up with other territories, the European price will be €20.99 while the prices in the UK and US will be £17.99 and $29.99, respectively. Although the prices are only listed for the PlayStation 4 version, the PS3 and Vita version are available via Cross Buy when the PS4 version is bought.

Also, if players buy the game within two weeks of the game’s release on July 23rd, they will receive two bonus pieces of content with QwikBuy: Alf’s Escape (a new level in Rupture Farms where Abe is forced to sneak out his friend Alf) and the Scrub Abe skin. The extra content will be available shortly after the game’s release even for those who don’t get the QwikBuy bonuses.

  • Lester Paredes

    Cross buy on all three systems, you say? I forgot about that…

    Also: J.A.W…. you already had my money. You didn’t have to go and make bonus content for me. But thank you for it!

  • El Casual

    I want it in retail. 🙁

  • Anthony Brinklow


  • Anthony Brinklow

    Is it just me or is that price insane for a non retail game? Sell me only the Vita version for £12 guys or I’ll have to wait for a sale!