Famitsu has given us a glimpse into what we can expect in Phantasy Star Nova‘s opening planet Machia.

After the Delta Variant warship encounters a rough landing, you and your crew (who belong to a special planetary exploration group known as the Arcs) disembark the ship to explore Machia. Here you find that photons (the energy that forms the foundations of science and technology in the Phantasy Star Universe) have no effect, meaning that you have to rely on primitive countermeasures. If that wasn’t bad enough, Machia is home to some humongous monsters that you will need to take on in battle, such as the Garation below;


Machia has many violent enemies, such as the Gigantes which are giant creatures that are half machine. The Garation that you saw above is one of these, and is a gigantic 134 feet long and 147 feet tall.

Whilst trying to escape Machia you will bump into Yuno and Raven, who will give you all the help you need in order to survive and make it off the planet alive.

With Photons out of action, finding another source of energy is a must! Luckily Machia’s Gran (an unknown energy that you can find in various locations) can be used as a replacement for Photon energy. This means that you can use Gran energy to use in some good technology!

This Gran technology, along with weapons and brand new character classes that will make an appearance in Phantasy Star Nova may mean that the outcome isn’t so bleak for the Arcs in their attempt to survive Machia!


We are told that more information regarding these new character classes will be revealed ahead of the game’s Japanese release later this year, with no news yet on a Western release.

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  • R.W.K.T.

    I Hope We Get A North American/Europe English Translation Of This Game…. I Was Really Hopeing For Phantasy Star Online 2, And We Didn’t Get THAT.

    • Luthee

      Same here, I’m waiting for PSO2 but hey I wouldn’t mind getting to play this game in english as well / instead. :3

  • I’m always on the hype train for anything Phantasy Star related. I played PSO2 for a while and loved it. I’m hoping Nova proves to be just as good.

    • WhyWai

      It’s making by Tri-Ace, guaranteed to be great. can’t wait to play this game.