North Americans might be getting it a bit sooner, but the other major Western region won’t be left out this time – Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is officially coming to Europe.

Publisher NIS America has announced that they’ll be the ones bringing Acquire’s open-world action/RPG Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed to our European brethren this Fall, the release date of both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 versions set for October 10th.

While that’s certainly not the “Summer” time-frame that XSEED has promised North America, it’s certainly better than some of the regional disparities we’ve seen in the past.

Excited to see it coming, or are you happier to get the title early via import?

Let us know in the comments!

  • El Casual

    Excuse me, one question: In NA will be in retail version?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      North America will have a retail and a digital version;

      • Kyle, I’m confused. You say it’ll have retail and digital but that tweet only states a physical release.

        • Borshay

          As far as I know, every Vita gets a digital release. It’s a Sony mandate I believe. Same with the PS4

          • That’s what I’ve heard. I just called Gamestop and they said Akiba’s Trip 2 is not being sold digitally (through them at least).

          • Borshay

            Well there is a PS3 version which probably won’t get a digital version.

        • Kyle Wakeling

          All PSVita-native games have a digital version afaik, no exclusions.

          • That is amazing. In fact, I’m going to go cancel my pre-order right now!

      • El Casual


  • Borshay

    I’m sooo close to preordering this for NA release. I just don’t have the time to justify the game funds for it in August. I might get it if the Destiny beta is a disappointment and I won’t have to worry about allocating funds for Destiny in September.

    I will be buying Akiba’S Trip, just not sure if it will be a day 1 or not.

    • nonscpo

      I read somewhere that NISA made it impossible for people to import games to Europe from their store, any chance you know if that’s true?

      • Borshay

        Hmmm no idea, I’m in NA and usually avoid buying stuff on the internet. I wouldn’t be surprised. I believe they did start selling stuff on their store for the EU but it was really over priced. So I would kinda expect them to block importing, unfortunately.

  • Etharius

    I’ve got the US version pre-ordered – I decided on launch to set my Vita to my US account, and sometimes that seems like an epic mistake given the excellent sales on the EU store, but times like this I’m glad I went US – especially since I go for physical over digital every time.

    Very happy to see it hitting the EU though. Means we can review it on UKA 🙂

    • Borshay

      Most places are saying August 5th, however on NeoGAF NISA has said they probably won’t make that date but are still aiming for August.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    NIS NIS NIS NIS!!! YAY!!! But I still preordered the American version because I can’t wait that long >_< Does anyone know if there will be any DLC for this game? If yes…maybe the european version will be mine too in the future…;)

  • Was looking around for the Eu release date then found this site yay. Thankyou