The upcoming Project Morpheus headset from Sony will have Vita integration, as Sony London confirmed.

Ian Bickerstaff, the Technical Director of SCEE Immersive Technology Group, said that the Vita will be acting as a more tablet-like device with companion apps, which will (hopefully_ provide a more social experience. For those without the Vita, smartphones and tablets will also have these companion apps.

No release date has been announced for Project Morpheus or any integrated Vita projects, but stay tuned and we’ll be sure to let you know when any new developments occur.

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  • darkknezz

    how about Morpheus with a true virtual FPS? Thatd be pretty dope

  • nonscpo

    I don’t see the point for this, a vita owner is already a portable gamer. Why would somebody who already owns a $200 handheld spend and extra $400-500 for a VR headset?

  • Sad. They aren’t actually going to be utilizing the Vita as a parent platform for VR games. How does Sony not understand how amazingly cool the Vita is?!