The first look at Judas Code, the new Triple-A free-to-play title from triAce has gone live over at Famitsu. As well as some in game screens, the preview also looks at some of the key gameplay elements from the game.

The title is described as a “dramatic battlefield RPG” and combines third person shooting with a card battle game. The story for Judas Code is based around World War III, where the planet has been eroded by a mysterious pillar called “Longinus”. The game will be set in multiple locations across the world, with players beginning the game in Tokyo. Clearing missions will unlock cards for your deck, which in turn improve and upgrade the strength of your team and armed forces.

Judas-Code_Fami-shot_07-16-14_003 Judas-Code_Fami-shot_07-16-14_004

Gameplay is broken down into three specific modes; Main Quest, Class Mission and Card Synthesis. The former is the main story mode of Judas Code whereby you clear quests and proceed through the story. Class Missions are a set of mission with a specific goal; clearing these missions will unlock rewards and sound very much like they function as side quests. The latter, Card Synthesis, allows you to enhance your cards with rewards unlocked from the other game modes to aid you in battle.

Judas-Code_Fami-shot_07-16-14_002 Judas-Code_Fami-shot_07-16-14_005

The preview also offers some details on the key characters in Judas Code, including the fact that there will be both a male and female lead who can be seen below. The lead character, whether you choose to be the hero or heroine, is described as a “mercenary without a single relative who fights in Japan’s Mercenary Corps“. The character was also involved in an accident in the past and has a “strong sense of justice”.


Finally, a character simply referred to as “mysterious girl” has been detailed, but as you’d expect details are thin on the ground. The girl is encountered during Judas Code by the hero/heroine and is said to not “speak many words”, lacking motivation of her own. Thankfully, that changes – thanks to the hero/heroine.


Judas Code is due to be released in Japan this Summer. No word on whether the game will come West just yet, but let’s hope so.


  • tri-Ace does good work…but F2P scares me…

  • Lester Paredes

    It looks nice, and I like tri-ace, but I’m always wary of free to play games. I wonder how much will be blocked off by timers and micro transactions.

  • Jef Curlin

    I hope it comes to the west. Please don’t fear F2P; it’s very nature means it’s something you can try with no other obligation. Nothing to fear there unless you just don’t trust your own impulse control.

    • WhyWai

      No. Free to play means you never know how much money you need to have a complete experience. And I full heartily hate that..

  • nonscpo

    I got to keep pointing it out, but for a free to play title this game looks really nice.

  • pimlicosound

    Love the look of the female lead character.