This week’s Famitsu has revealed information on three new characters that will feature in Danganronpa: Another Episode.

Below we have the names and a brief detail of thes new characters;

  • Kaiji Towa (voiced by Shinichiro Miki) – The resistance leader against the Warriors of Hope.
  • Shirokuma – A pure white version of Monokuma with an idol-like presence stationed at the resistance’s secret base.
  • Kurokuma – An all black version of Monokuma that acts as an advisor to the Warriors of Hope. Machine gun talk is his specialty.


We are also told in this week’s edition of the magazine that, in a series first, Danganronpa: Another Episode will feature animated event scenes.

Due to release in Japan on September 25th, there is no news yet on a Western release for Danganronpa: Another Episode. As soon as we hear of one, and as soon as more information about this instalment in the Danganronpa series becomes available, The Vita Lounge will be sure to let you know!

  • Lester Paredes

    I don’t see why this won’t make it over. I mean, the first did better than expected, so as long as 2 preforms similar, I think we’ll have a good chance of seeing this in the West.

  • nonscpo

    While I do enjoy the story in these games, graphically the 3D portions can be a bit of an aquired taste. Still want it over here, NISA make it happen!