Gust has released some screenshots and the opening cinematic from upcoming RPG release Ar noSurge Plus.

Starting out with the screenshots, here’s a look at over a dozen captures from the story mode of the game (which is based on helping characters resolve internal issues) – showing off the visual novel elements, as well as some of the battle and cinematic aspects;

Speaking of battle, we get a closer look at that in the following screens. These ones detail the two-man team battle system, where the hero protects the heroines who can use powerful Song Magic. Attacking and using skills will increase the “Harmonics” level, which is necessary for activating Song Magic;

We’ve also got some screens and renders of the various characters in the game, including;




Last but not least (for screenshots at least), we’ve got some renders of the new characters Nero, Sarly, and Shurelia. These new characters will be getting some play in the newly added bath scenes, netting over 50 different event scenes between the three of them.

Now that those lovely screenshots are out of the way, we can get to the slightly more meaty (in frames at least) opening movie from the game. Uploaded by Gust, it shows off the characters and the opening title in a mix of particle changes and designs.

Check it out;

Ar noSurge Plus is due to be released in Japan October 2nd, stay tuned to TVL for more on the title as it becomes available.

  • SarcasticPersona

    Ar Nosurge has only been confirmed for PS3 in America, right? I hope the Vita version gets localized as well, if the prior is correct.

  • nonscpo

    This game might just be epic…if it come to the vita lol.

  • pimlicosound

    “newly added bath scenes”

    Of course 🙂