Hello there again Vita fans. Kyle and I are back for some more if The Vita Cast. We have a very interesting talk about what digital only means for Freedom Wars and the Vita. As well as the usual new releases, news, and our game of the week.

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Episode 33: Digital Only Problem

Intro: Space Rocket by V-Axys

Outro by Kyle Von (Contact: getwithit120@gmail.com)

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Tyler Olthoff is a 24 year old who has been gaming since he can remember. In love with almost all types of games, the only type he can't stand (and that's probably because he sucks at it) is fighting games. His favorite genres would have to be shooters, RPGs, and adventure games. He owns almost every new system out there including PS4, PS3, XB1, PSVita and the 3DS, but barely plays any of them as it's mainly his good old Vita getting the attention!
  • Phelan

    Thanks for recording material regarding this topic (freedom wars)…

    And thanks for mentioning World End Economica! 100k would be possible but sekai launched their campaign in wrong time (steam and gog sale), and did kinda too little to promote their own work… + they were supposed to make higher tiers and show sample of T-shirts… but it ended up well with help of fans so… ow well… could be better but we made it.

    + I don’t kinda see reason for Morpheus with Vita… if I’m at home I’d rather use it with PS4… I’f I’m out… than I wouldn’t wear Morpheus because moving while wearing this helmet might be not best idea.

    Freedom Wars/Digital Only topic starts at around 36:30

    1. it’s not really “hate” :P… well we are complaining but it is not like 100% “hate”

    2. Archacus… it’s hard to say it :P… but you are not wrong with “arch” part if you are going for english transcription… like arch in archbishop… well still would be better to spell it like most of latin words…. hmm… something more similar to “Archeus”… so yeah… but I don’t expect anyone to pronounce it right, mkay?

    3. I kinda don’t agree with digital machine… well IGN showed some time ago(start of 2014) that 52% games are sold via retail route on Vita, only 48% via digital route (and this is including PSP game, PSX game, indies)… and it kinda makes sense… even if I’m “hating” digital releases I admit I bought half of my games via digital route… but as I said those were mainly PSP games and PSX games… so even as arch enemy of digitals I fit perfectly in “average” statistic user… And really… I don’t mind buying digital content… but only for PSP, PSX and indies… other way it doesn’t make any sense for me. So yeah… digital buyers are still minority 🙂 but they are heard more because they usually stay more on websites about games… retail fans still usually prefer buying magazines and watching materials on youtube after seeing some title in shop.

    4. Guacamelee played on PC… bought it for 1$ in bundle… if I can play something cheaper on PC I will play it on PC (even if I’m fan of Vita)…. and it’s rather easy choice if you are not earning much. Half of Europe isn’t earning as much as USA citizens… average wage per hour in my country is something like 2.7$ per hour? Not much… And PSN games are few times more expensive than games on steam sales/bundles… in the end I got guacamelee with PS plus… but still…

    5. It is not matter of memory cards alone… I’m collector, I don’t mind buying memory card just to fill it with PSP and PSX games… Right now I’m close to filling up my 16 gb card with PSP, PSX games (some of them bought 2 times, because I had some on my previous PSN account)

    6. Digital only = not releasing at all… it doesn’t deserve support if SCEE won’t show some love for this title. I will support it, if SCEE will decide to support their customers

    7. Oh we will change it 😛 or SCEE will have to move out 😛

    8. The thing is SCEE is releasing really weird games… like Invizimals or Vita Pets… those titles might be good… but those are niche for kids, right? How many parents will buy those titles for their kids? 5k? I would say not much… so decision of not releasing Freedom Wars the system seller for Vita (JP statistic proved it already) is kinda stupid

    9. You don’t really own digital games… it is just renting them… If someday SCE will decide that there is no point in sustaining PSN support for Vita (because mainntaining servers cost F****** HELL MUCH) you won’t be able to download them no matter how many times you will try….

    10. I still like to return to my SNES, PSX, PS2 games in my collection… I wouldn’t be able to without physcial copies

    11. Feels like…. I’m forgetting about something…

    12. Oh… and it that blog link there was only 1 person who said he didn’t mind digitals 😛 It all started around 28 post… since than… it is nearly pure “boycott” thread

    EDIT: oh I remebered… 30$ for preorder of Freedom Wars… that’s cheap as hell! If they would make price like that they would reach 500k without any problem… but sadly we usualy get 60% more expensive games (for various reasons)… and Freedom Wars will be for sure around 40 EUR (54 USD)

    • nonscpo

      While I agree that it was nice of them to mention Work End Economica’s kickstarter, I’m dissapointed that Fault Milestone One didn’t get any coverage as that game also got a Vita stretch goal and sadly only made a third of what WEE got. As far as digital only goes I totally agree with you that the EuroZone got screwed totally on the Freedom Wars release.

      • Phelan

        Bit sad about Fault Milestone One but like I said sekai kinda failed with advertising their own work… so we fans had to do most of it in their place :/

        I don’t know how other fans but I didn’t have enough time to advertise 2 games… or even back 2 projects at the same time… it took me a lof of time to contact all gaming websites (and still most of times I was ignored, thanks to vitalounge for not ignoring me :P), write on PS blog, write on other forums… just to share a word about it.

        But still I’m happy that we manage to encourage sekai for Vita version of WEE… if it will be success than most probably they will bring rest of games.

        • nonscpo

          Agreed at the end of the day its SekaiProjects kickstarter and ultimately their responsability to spread the word. At the end they made the good fortune of localizing games from a niche genre whose customers/fans base are hungry enough to advertise for them. Hopefully they stick to VN’s and continue supporting Vita releases in the future.

          P.S. I helped kickstart Fault, its my first kickstarter so I’m very excited to see this project go thru.

  • Blueberry

    If you create a SEN account for another region on your Vita you have to factory reset the device (and delete all games and saves). The Vita doesn’t support multiple accounts at the same time like the PS3 does. So importing Freedom Wars is not convenient for PAL users.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      If you have a second memory card (even the 4GB most came with) you can switch between accounts in under two minutes. May not be the most convenient option, but if you can’t spare two minutes then you probably can’t spare the time to game.

      • Blueberry

        Really? That makes a lot of sense I guess.