We’ve got the lowdown on a little upgrade the game is bringing to our little fox friend Tenko.

Previously your little Tenko buddy only helped out by going out on treasure hunts to retrieve materials that can be used to make gear (or alternatively, sold for money), however Toukiden Extreme features a slightly different “Newborn Tenko” system which adds a little more functionality.

This new system allows you to equip Tenko with a Mitama, which will then gain experience from the partnership. You can also give Tenko treats to change her mood, body color and cry. Then, depending on her mood when she goes on a mission, the amount of materials she will bring back varies as well.

Couple that with some special effects related to the type of attire being worn, and the fact that she will also appear to show some support for her master, and you’ve got a pretty awesome pet.

Toukiden Extreme is slated for release in August 28th in Japan, with no word on a Western release.

  • Lester Paredes

    I want one. And a Pikachu. And an Agumon.

    • Luthee

      Pikachu is only semi-cute to me, I prefer Jigglypuff.
      I just googled Agumon, to me that dinosaur thing isn’t cute at all while Tenko is the epitome of cuteness and cuddliness :3

      • Lester Paredes

        Agumon is there because I always wanted a pet T-Rex. Plus, it can evolve into a Cyber-T-Rex, so, there’s a whole bunch of childhood fantasies fulfilled. lol

  • nonscpo

    Oh yeah my Tenko just became that much cuter and useful.