JamoGames’ sci-fi turn-based strategy game with a hip-hop twist looks to be coming along nicely as it moves towards a Q4 Vita release.

If you don’t already know, Inner City Kids tells the story of “a group of children who discover that the adults of their city are being kidnapped and replaced by robots.” Obviously this isn’t cool with them, as the gang sets off to kick some robot ass and explore dangerous areas.

What bring us to this post however, is that developers have posted a shot of the game running on the Vita via Twitter, which I’ve linked to below;

Looks right at home on that OLED, doesn’t it? 🙂

Are you looking forward to Inner City Kids on Vita? Let us know in the comments.

  • Lester Paredes

    Never even heard of it. Time for research.

  • Daniel Evans

    The vita needs more turn-based strategy games, definitely looking out for this one!

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Looks like the new Vita?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      It’s a developer unit of the original OLED model.

  • pimlicosound

    “Are you looking forward to Inner City Kids on Vita?”

    From their website:
    “Use the robots’ own technology against them with a unique modular weapons system, giving thousands of different weapons and strategies.
    Collect different modules and weapon frames, then build your own guns, swords, or whatever you can invent to equip your team, then head out to protect your city!”

    Hot damn, I’m looking forward to it now!

    • Anthony Brinklow

      Wow. Sounds very cool. I want more turn based games around non Japanese themes, Disgaea has srpgs from Japan locked down. Perhaps one based around a political revolution?

  • nonscpo

    Is it even smart for an Indie developer to launch their game in Q4? Just stating that it will have too much competition. Would have been better as a Q3 or next year Q1 release when theirs nothing out!

    • Looks like he listened, new post suggests spring release. 🙂

      • nonscpo

        That’s great the good thing about Indies is you can count on them to help fill up some gaps between launches. Well all that’s left is to check out the trailer.