Looks like we have some disappointing news for those in the EU, as another Vita game is getting the digital only treatment. According to PlayStation’s own website we get the news by looking at the media type which shows it’s download only.

This comes off the heels of another big title being digital only for the EU; Freedom Wars. All of this has caused a bit of an uproar among the EU Vita community, and even on PlayStation’s own blog forum people are showing their dislike.

Along with that we have some people voicing their opinions to Shuhei Yoshida President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Entertainment on Twitter.

Does this bother you or are you just glad we’re getting these Japanese games in the first place? For more on Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (and everything PlayStation Vita), be sure to stay tuned to The Vita Lounge.

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  • Karl Smith

    And once again, SCEE shaft’s their customers again. This DD only non-sense NEEDS to change.

    • Phelan

      If you dislike something, be vocal about it.

      Write on PS blog, write to @yosp and @freddutton or @shahidkamal (but always be polite)… I’m tired of it… tired of them always pretending like we don’t exists… because we are only “haters”… we “hate” because we won’t get “toys”… that’s their logic :/

      • Yes! Do that! 🙂 if nobody shows they care about these things then why would things change.

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, it’s nice that you are getting the game and all, but how is it that they only do digital releases? It doesn’t make sense to me. I guess when you only offer the game I one for, it’s bound to sell due to lack of choice. I sure hope NA gets a physical release, so you guys have the option to import.

  • Luthee

    Guess I’ll be importing this one, just hoping it doesn’t get DLC like Muramasa ReBirth (which I bought in the US sadly)

    • Phelan

      According to US site there will be DLCs… but dunno if those will be just skins or some new game parts

  • Ichigo Yoite

    And another no buy for me 🙂

    • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

      petition approved! =)

  • DFC

    I hope there will be a NA physical release. Europe is a lost cause for me – SCEE just don’t care about Vita at all, and because of that they won’t have my money.

  • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

    Not quite sure I understand why there is so much hate on DD. Only advantage I can think of is that you can swap it with others.

    If the problem is space, all you would really need is a computer with wifi, no internet necessary. You can just dump games you’re no longer playing on your computer wirelessly and get new ones from it as well. Right now I have about 50GB worth of games on my PC, stockpiling them because of PS+.

    Can someone enlighten me?

    • Ichigo Yoite

      Well first of all it’s preference. I just simply like to have the game physically, in a neat box. Mine for ever and ever not till the servers stop running and without having to save them on my PC. I also wanna play them wherever I wan’t not only when I’m close to my PC since the Idea of the vita is to be able to play outside or for example while sitting in a plane. You may call me conservative but yeah well that’s how I am.

      Second it just feels discriminating to bring those games to NA physically (and basically to every other part of the world) and ditch the EU just because it’s easier and cheapter that way (at least thats what I’m thinking).

      The third Reason is my experience with the few digital games I have on my vita. It took forever to download them, it took a shitload of time to copy the games on my PC (wasn’t working on my mac at first had to switch to windows – I’m just not patient enough for this) and since memory cards for the vita are SUPER expensive I’d have to do that copying hassle quiten often since I’m still on the 7 or 8 gig card that came with the vita. Also via wifi …the expected time to copy Ragnarok Odyssey Ace on my PC wirelessly was more than 6 hours…i switched to USB -.- Sure all that may be my hardwares probleme but seriously no one can expect me to buy a new PC or get a bigger internet connection just because I wanna stockpile vita games. It also just goes against my idea of a handheld to use my PC to play a game on a handheld.

      I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other reasons for the hate out there. Those are mine 🙂

      • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

        Well, first reason is undeniable of course. There’s that good feeling of having the game ready whenever you want it, in card format.

        Then again, losing that card, or breaking it and you can say good bye to it forever. Whereas with a digital version, it’s yours. Forever.

        I’m intrigued with your third reason, though. If you have a PC, you only have to download the game once. And transferring games to and from PC seem to be a real issue for you, given it takes “6 hours”(??) to copy Ragnarok Ace wirelessly. I just finished doing just that right now, took about 5-10 minutes. You may want to check your wifi router config. And downloading a full 3gig game doesn’t take that long for me, either. Mind you, I only have a 3mbps connection. I’m 100% sure you have faster internet speed than mine. Altogether, you might want to reconfigure or replace your modem/router altogether.

        • Ichigo Yoite

          Haha we are actually (and sadly) on the same internet speed >_< It (the transfer from vita to pc) did work fast with the USB connection though just to be fair (the 6 hours were really ridiculous who'd wait that long? -.-). Also: If I can download the games via my PC (and not via the vita) it may be faster too. I at least don't have any problems downloading other size-wise equal stuff. But still…in the end as Phelan and you already stated it comes all down to preference and I just like to "have something in my hands" instead of having pure data. Maybe it's only because I grew up with it (there was no internet on my old, grey, big, heavy ass gameboy ;))

          • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

            I grew up with cartridges as well. I’m just a supporter of digital downloads. Maybe because I lost my Vita once. It could have been worse. All my games could have been cartridges and those could have been stolen as well. =)

    • Phelan

      You know that’s kinda actually funny 😛

      Cause other side think exactly the same about you guys…

      I mean… how can you buy nonexistent game for the same price or even higher than normal retail version? You don’t get the best parts of beign console gamer
      -you won’t be able to collect your games
      -you won’t be able to swap your cartridges (since SNES this is great part of being console gamer)
      -you probably won’t be able to play your games once again 20 years later
      -you won’t be able to share your games with girlfriend/siblings
      -there are much better sales than in PSN
      -you actualy own games
      -you won’t have to delete games from your console (you you barbarian how can you do this!)
      -you can keep your memory cards for PSX and PSP games only
      -you won’t have to always wonder what is on which memory card
      -you can start playing them whenever you want, without the need of copying/downloading
      -you can be moody… pick a game just to play 20 minutes and put it back on a shelf (with downloading you would have to be insane to spend 2-3 hours on downloading just to play 20 minutes and than remove…)

      Really… I always consider buying digitals… as something rather… ya know “crazy”

      (but I’m not calling you crazy)

      • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

        I actually FEEL like I am collecting games. I have them all in my PC and it takes a matter of minutes to copy them wirelessly to my Vita when I need them. That’s why I’ve never felt the need for a bigger memory card. My 8gb works perfectly.

        What do you mean I won’t be able to play my games 20 years after? Not sure what you mean. If anything, there’s a better chance for me to play my games in the far future because it’s safe from wear, tear and negligence (unless Sony’s Playstation Store goes down then, which based on the strength of the PS4, is I daresay unlikely). And even if store goes down, they’re already safely in my harddrive.

        • Phelan

          1. Oh but you are not collecting them, it is just a feeling… you can’t really collect something which is nonexistent… at least that’s what I think (you can have diffrent opinion)

          2. Servers are very expensive thing… if they decide that it is not viable for them keep supporting VIta/PSP 20 years from now, they will just close them and use for newer systems… just like Windows ended supporting for XP, they will end support for Vita one day

          That won’t ever happen with physical discs… I still can play my SNES games whenever I want.

          And yes… you can keep them at hardrive…

          8gb? man you have to probably copy games to PC all the time

          • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

            Yeah I guess it boils down to opinion. =)

            And no, I don’t have to copy that much. I stick to a few games at a time. I try to finish games that were free on PS+ so when my membership runs out I have the option of not immediately renewing it.

          • Phelan

            Yeah 😛 just a matter of opinions

            The only game I played from PS+ was gravity Rush… but after I plated it I bought retail version of it.

            PSP and PSX games take a lot of space… so yeah… usually I am forced to copy them to my PC once… a week or 2 (depends on titles)

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Another import then.

  • I’ll import then. I don’t mind downloads, and will sometimes go that route for mainstream (I.e non-collectible or special edition) stuff, but for J-games in particular, I like the box on the shelf.

    One thing nobody has mentioned (but I will ‘cos I’m evil) is resale value. The games are usually cheaper physically, and you can trade or sell them when you want a clear-out. If I’m shelling out $30 on a game, I want to feel it has some value, as opposed to a $10 title available digitally.