Monster Hunter Frontier G receives a ton of screens for the upcoming update “G5.”

The game will be getting this update for the PlayStation 3 and WiiU. That said, the PS Vita version will share the same server as the PlayStation 3 version, meaning you can use the same account to play on both – this means the odds of this update not coming day one are pretty low.

In the update Monster Hunter Frontier G will be getting a new monster to fight along with the items you can craft from defeating the monster in this new update.

One of the renders above show that there has been some collaboration with Falcom’s RPG, The Legend of Heroes: Sen No Kiseki. These items will become available for the PlayStation 3 on July 24th in Japan with the Vita version of the game coming August 13th.

Capcom haven’t ruled out a western release, but there are currently no plans to do so.

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  • nonscpo

    I think the most important question is do we even want this game over here? As someone who enjoys the monster hunter games, I have zero interest in this title and I know that others have expressed similar thoughts across Disqus. In fact It almost seems like their is a small minority that wants this game over here, and this game will be subscribtion base. If theirs not enough people for the online service I sincerly doubt that Capcom will take the risk.