We get some more details and art/screenshots for Nitroplus’ upcoming Japanese boys love Vita title DRAMAtical Murder Re: Code.

The story takes place in the near future, on a fictional island region of Japan named Midorijima. Previously man and nature coexisted here in harmony with the land, however after being privatized by the Toe company, about a third of the island has become a resort called the “Platinum Jail”.

The island’s original inhabitants were forced into a ward called the “Former Residents’ District” and the Platinum Jail and its high tech facilities attracted so much attention that it forced the life out of the area. Meanwhile, the kids and teens in the Former Residents’ District have been sucked into playing a popular online game called Rhyme to ease the boredom – and are adventuring in a virtual land where wars of hand-to hand combat known as Ribstiez take place.

The protagonist of the game is named Aoba Seragaki, and works at a junk shop located in the Former Residents’ District. Aside from work, he lives alongside his grandmother Tae in an attempt escape all the noise and live a simple life – however… somewhere Aoba isn’t aware of, something is brewing; ready to turn his simple life into one a hell of a lot more complex.

DRAMAtical Murder Re: Code is slated for release October 30th in Japan, with no word on a Western localization.

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    Sounds interesting, I mean promising.