Atlus has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming release of unique town-based RPG Citizens of Earth.

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard about Citizens of Earth, but Atlus is back to remind us that this town needs your help with a brand new trailer they’ve posted on their YouTube channel. This one focuses on the Vice-President (the main character in the game), who returns to his hometown only to have the world go insane around him.

Check it out;

Citizens of Earth is set to release sometime this October.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looking forward to this game. I hope it turns out good.

    • nonscpo

      Wish you best of luck with this game, just make sure to let us know how good/bad it was in the Forums.

      • Lester Paredes

        I will! Hopefully, it’s good. Anything that claims to be quirky like Earthbound/Mother2 is instantly in my: Interest is Piqued pile.

  • Reminds me so much of Earthbound. 😀

    • nonscpo

      I believe the developers have stated that Earbound is where they got their inspiration to make this game.

  • Phelan


    I won’t wait for this game… I still kinda don’t get it how for discriminATLUS it was viable to aid project which failed so miserably on kickstarter (only 30% of goal) with whooping 100k$…. but it was not viable for them to release Conception 2 in Europe.

    I don’t get it…

    • nonscpo

      While I dont understand ATLUS bussiness strategies one thing I cannot get over is the games release window. This game should have either released during the summer of this year or released early next year. Releasing a small game in Q4 of any year is a ridonculous decision.

      • Phelan

        Very true, most probably both Freedom Wars, Natural Doctrine and Oreshika will be Q4 … that’s enough money to waste

        maybe even Murasaki Baby… because it will be either Q4, next year, or during Gamescom (but I really hope they won’t release it like Entwined -> bad bad bad idea)

        Was planning to buy Conception 2 (really wanted that game) but I end up buying Demon Gaze (and I don’t regret)…

        • nonscpo

          I havent picked up Demon Gaze but did pick up Conception 2. I got to be honest its an average game in general, it doesnt really do anything special or unique but then again I really did buy it for the dating Sim portion. My only gripe I have is that their seems to be some bug with my retail copy in which Im repeating the same event over and over again with Narika, sadly I didnt notice it until months after I bought it 🙁

          • Phelan

            Oh-ho-ho? If you will have some free resources to burn buy Demon Gaze!

            It is funny game, there is JP + ENG version included so that’s the huge plus. Maybe bit too much ecchi stuff for me but still… game was good! Plated it few days ago… I’ve spent something like 70 hours I think…

          • Ichigo Yoite

            oh you completed Demon Gaze – I still got that on my to do list ;D Good work!

            Also: Citizens of Earth looks kinda funny I may pick this up when it’s on discount.