We get more details on Komaru’s weapon (and it’s ammo), as well as the event scenes and characters included in the game.

So we already know that Komaru’s Megaphone Hacking Gun fires “Truth Bullets”, which are pieces of “programming code” that have a specific effect on their target, but what we didn’t know is that offensive Truth Bullets can be upgraded by purchasing “Decoder Bullets” from a shop within the game.

The stats that can be upgraded this way include the firepower, ammo amount, and rapid-fire capabilities of the bullets. These upgrades require “Monokuma Medals” in order to be purchased, which you can acquire from defeated Monokumas.

Speaking of truth bullets, here’s the eight words that you can shoot from your megaphone as commands;

  • Break: Deals damage to Monokuma.
  • Burn: Sets Monokuma on fire. Can be used repeatedly in rapid-fire.
  • Paralyze: Paralyzes and damages Monokuma. Has an area of effect that affects all Monokumas caught within it.
  • Blow Away: Blows away Monokuma. Can hit multiple Monokumas with it.
  • Dance: Makes Monokuma dance. Can make him stay in one place temporarily.
  • Connect: Places Monokuma under your control momentarily.
  • Move: Restarts shut down machinery. When applied to switches and panels, can open up new routes.
  • Survey: Reveals invisible objects by hitting them with light.

The last two words aren’t related to Monokuma attacks or defense at all, and instead are used to have an impact on the environment instead – turning your megaphone into more than just a weapon.

We’ve also got a look at event scenes, which in addition to illustrated events will feature anime-style scenes by Danganronpa: The Animation director Seiji Kishi and studio Lerche.

Check out the thumbnails they’ve left on the official site;


Lastly, we’ve got a look at the new characters that were recently revealed – including Towa Haiji, Shirokuma and Kurokuma;

Danganronpa: Another Episode is set to release September 25th in Japan, with no news yet on a Western localization.

  • Borshay

    Is it wrong that I always quickly go through these articles without reading and only a quick glance at the pics?

    Need to tease myself without seeing too much details on the game. 42 days to go until Goodbye Despair!

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      I honestly dont think anybody can blame you, I have a similar problem sometimes reading an article not wanting to get completly spoiled.

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    I hope Japanese devs start producing a wider variety of genres – good start.

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