Nick Burcombe, the head of indie studio Playrise Digital, took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce that Table Top Racing will be launching on PlayStation Vita this August.

Paying homage to games such as Mario Kart and Micro Machines, Table Top Racing features over-sized obstacles, jumps, crazy tracks with shortcuts and a whole load of hazards to keep you on the edge of your seat!

To get the most out of the each race you will need to figure out drift momentum and the best racing lines to ensure that you are first over the finish line. Adding to the already hectic races are one shot weapons (including a speed boost, EMP strike or a missile launch) that will give you a temporary advantage if used effectively.


Nick Burcombe goes on to say that the PlayStation Vita version of Table Top Racing has features added that weren’t available on other mobile versions of the game. The Vita version allows for players to control the vehicles’ accelerator and brake, as well as adding a rear view glance that is activated by pressing the rear touchpad.

Additionally, all of the game’s race tracks have been recreated using twice as many polygons meaning that the Vita version looks great as well as running ‘buttery smooth’. Burcombe adds that Table Top Racing on the PlayStation Vita ‘is the most pure and fun version of the title we’ve ever made’, with the Vita proving itself as ‘a handheld powerhouse’.

Table Top Racing also features four-player multiplayer, allowing for you and your friends to battle it out over both Ad-Hoc mode or via the PSN.

Both brutal and highly competitive, Table Top Racing will launch on the PlayStation Vita in North America on the 5th August and in Europe on the 6th August. Keep your eyes on TVL for more on this fun racer in the near future! For now though, why not check the gallery below for more images?

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope it’s good. I loved me some Micro Machines when I was little.

  • pimlicosound

    Micro Machines on the NES was superb – despite the wonky unlicenced Codemasters cartridge never fitting quite right. I haven’t played anything quite like it since, so hopefully this can pick up where MM left off.