It has been announced on the official Binding of Isaac: Rebirth website that the action-adventure rogue-like, from one of the creative minds (Edmund McMillen) of Super Meat Boy, is nearing completion.

The post also tells us that the game is in the heavy tuning/polish phase and that we may see the first video footage and find out some console information in the next week or so.


The post on the website also showed us another new item that we can expect to find in the game. This is a Jar, a usable item that can only be found in stores. The Jar acts as an empty container with slots for up to four hearts that you can fill up and use as you wish. Edmund McMillen says that ‘advanced players will find a whole lot of uses for this item, [it’s] not the holy grail of breaking but [I’ve] found some pretty great exploits using it in tricky ways.

Below are some examples of how the Jar will work;



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  • Mauricio Quintero

    This will be on PSM?

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    I have a feeling this game will free for PS Plus subscribers in September @ the latest.