UK retailer GAME has today announced that they will launching a digital software service for Vita downloads, allowing customers to purchase a greater range of their Vita downloads at GAME retail stores and redeem through PSN store online or the via the Vita store.

The service is due to launch tomorrow, Friday 25th July, although some stores have already began to offer the downloads today as you can see from the photos below.

The service will be available both in GAME retail stores and their online store, offering downloads of full games for as little as £3.99. The titles include both classic Vita-compatible games and modern titles.

“We’re committed to making digital content more accessible for all our customers, helping them to discover all the fantastic digital games out there. We’re really excited about this exclusive partnership with PlayStation, allowing us to provide quality digital content by offering a much larger and more varied selection of titles from the PS Vita back catalogue.

“These digital downloads mean it is now even easier to get gaming by offering our customers the chance to pay both in-store and online as well with the added benefit of trading in.”

GAME category director, Charlotte Knight

The initial line-up of titles will include Killzone Liberation, Crash Bandicoot, Destruction Derby, Limbo and Uncharted Golden Abyss.

At the GAME store in Coventry today, the following titles were on offer;

  • Crash Bandicoot (PSOne Classic) – £3.99
  • Limbo – £7.99
  • ModNation Racers £11.99
  • Resistance £19.99
  • Killzone Liberation (PSP title) – £6.49
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time – £14.99
  • Gravity Rush – £11.99
  • Flower – £6.49

The full range can also be found online here on the GAME website. It’s currently unclear as to whether this indicates a long term shift away from physical Vita titles in GAME stores, with digital downloads being offered instead.

Will this make you buy more Vita titles at GAME stores? Let us know in the comments below.

  • nonscpo

    Good for our UK brothers and sisters, however Im confused at how this type of digital at retail movement will work in the long term.

    • James Gough

      I don’t honestly know who this is being aimed at. It’s just as easy to get £xx PSN credit and buy the titles from that credit, for the same price, or wait for a sale to pick them up even cheaper. It will be interesting to see where they go with this next.

      • Anthony Brinklow

        They are trying to encourage the types who would never buy credit or use download services due to it being just too confusing to buy psn titles.

        A wide range of these on the wall also does a lot to entice people into buying the console. Crash is genius as a pick for those with nostalgia. Great titles on psn only reach existing owners and hardcore gamers. Casuals have no idea what psn games exist for Vita so if they can include the best Indies and offer good sales and deals it will likely boost the system. Big coming soon posters featuring upcoming Indies then having them for sale in the store could be great for the system.

  • Lester Paredes

    I am so jelly that my European brothers and sisters get Crash Bandicoot.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Hopefully they reduce their physical media prices as they are REALLY expensive on Vita games. There’s a few I’d pick up if they matched CEX prices since CEX has such a tiny amount of Vita stock.

  • Karl Smith

    This can be both good and bad news but here are my opinions.

    1. It can help sales for the PSVita. Nintendo also did this with their Virtual Console games so having both PSOne, Indies and PSP games might be a good idea.
    2. It is reasonable priced.

    1. It can bulk up space your memory card.
    2. Just PSVita games in digital form from 1-2 years ago.
    3. If GAME considers getting rid of pre-order stock, that can be bad for buyers who want the games in a box.

    • Anthony Brinklow

      I doubt it’s one or the other, it will surely just make better use of space around the Vita carts.

      • James Gough

        I would put money on the new range replacing the physical copies, it’s something that’s been slowly happening in the two GAME stores near me over the last year or so.

  • XtemmA2

    Eliminating the need of a credit card or PSN gift card to purchase DD only games. Very good for any smaller/cheaper PSN games.

    • Buckybuckster

      Probably the best benefit for consumers by making a move like this. However it does make me worry that the Vita is slowly morphing into the PSP Go 2.

      While I like being able to download games, I still believe that having actual hard copy games on retailer shelves is still a very vital key to unlock future growth for Vita.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    I suppose if it gives the vita more of a presence that’s good. And if cheaper games are on the shelves that’s very good.

    • James Gough

      Is the digital range replacing physical Vita titles though? And if so, is that still a good thing? In GAME Coventry, the majority of new Vita titles say “Take to the till to order” – they don’t get stock in unless you specifically order the titles, but even that option could be on its way out.

  • Brendan Sebire

    Interesting! But how does this site works regarding regional availability?
    For example, you can’t get Dino Crisis from the Australian PSN even though it’s available on the US one.
    Will all codes work everywhere? Do Game require a credit card used to be from the UK?

  • At least it gives the Vita more showroom space, but I’d still rather have my games as physical releases. Nothing beats having a shelf heaving with quality software and box-art.

    Just the collector in me I guess 🙂