Sony Computer Entertainment America have reached an agreement which means $15 million worth of digital content will be offered to any gamers affected by the 2011 PlayStation Network breach.

At the time, the breach resulted in the PlayStation Network going offline for almost three week due to attacks which Sony later admitted personal user details had been compromised. As a result of the attack and downtime, Sony offered a Welcome Back package at the time, allowing users to pick between two free PS3 games, two free PSP games and a PlayStation Plus membership.

A class action lawsuit followed as many agreed that the Welcome Back package was not enough, and now, three years later, Sony are said to have reached the settlement that will see $15 million worth of digital content given as compensation.

The settlement has yet to be approved by a judge, at the time of posting.

If the settlement is accepted and approved, anyone who had a PSN account in 2011 and did not claim the Welcome Back pack, will get to choose between two of the following options;

  • One PS3 game (from a choice of fourteen)
  • One PSP game (from a choice of fourteen)
  • Three PS3 themes (from a choice of six)
  • Three months PlayStation Plus membership

It’s worth noting that the rewards stack – for example, you could pick two PS3 games or six months PlayStation Plus membership, which is likely to be the most appealing option to Vita owners. The lack of Vita software on offer is somewhat disappointing, although at the time of the attack the Vita hadn’t actually launched.

Anyone that did claim the Welcome Back pack at the time will not be left out, but instead will get to choose one of the options above.

So what do you think – Is the settlement enough? Did you have a compromised PSN account back in 2011? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • aros

    Wow, totally unexpected awesome news – I claimed in 2011 and thought Oh well fair enough when I read that we don’t get the 2! I’ll pick 3 months membership for sure. When is it going live?

    • James Gough

      No dates as of yet as it’s not 100% confirmed until the judge clears it. I will have a look through the PSP titles and see if there’s any Vita-compatible ones I’ve never played. I totally forgot about this too, didn’t think I’d be getting anything.

  • Kevin Aaronson

    Not bad, not bad

  • Karl Smith

    I assume this is US only right?

    • James Gough

      It doesn’t seem to say either way, guess it depends on what’s in the case – the PSN outage was worldwide though, not just US PSN so you never know …

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    I presume Europe gets nothing.

  • nonscpo

    Although I was unafected by this, I can’t help but feel that this isn’t enough to those who suffered due to Sony’s neglect/misshandling of the situation.

    • James Gough

      This is true, although most companies would have been ignorant enough to say and do nothing at all, except a “Sorry” e-mail.

  • Buckybuckster

    I only claimed my 2 PSP games last summer. I will most likely choose one of the 14 PSP games as long as there’s something that piques my interest. Otherwise, I’ll stack another 3 months onto my plus membership.

    To be honest, to anyone who had their identity compromised as a direct result of this breach, this probably will seem like a slap in the face. It’s a nice gesture (settlement) on Sony’s part, but let’s face facts. More most it will require alot more than a few free games to compensate them for all of the time, effort, and money needed to correct all of the fraudulent transactions made in your name because of your company’s lax security efforts.