A debut trailer for Konami‘s upcoming love adventure game Nisekoi: Yomeiri has been released.

In the trailer we see protagonist Raku Ichijo and also meet heroines Chitoge Kirisaki, Marika Tachibana, Seishirou Tsugumi, Ruri Miyamoto, and Haru Onodera. In the game, you will live a high school life whilst also attempting to deepen your bonds with the numerous female characters.

Nisekoi: Yomeiri (Aka; Nisekoi: Wedding) is set to release on PlayStation Vita in Japan this fall. As always, The Vita Lounge will bring you all news relating to this title as and when it happens.

For now though, here is that trailer;

  • nonscpo

    Damm I still haven’t gotten around to watching this anime. Considering the licensing nightmares that bringing this game over here would cause, I can’t see any chance of this coming on over. Is it just me or does the animation of this game feel pretty cheap for a visual novel?