Developed by tri-Ace, Judas Code is an upcoming free-to-play title that features both a single player shooting mode and a card-battle multiplayer mode. The official site for the game has revealed new characters and extra details for the game.

In the year 20xx, during World War III, a gigantic pillar called ‘Longinus’ appears and begins to eat away at the Earth, causing irreversible damage. Later, with war continuing, three factions come to power. These factions are The Rouage Republic, GAS and the Regenerators (who are a group of ‘new humans’).


Above we see Muerta Megalith, the leader of the Regenerator organisation guild known as Missing Meibus. Megalith is a tough guy who remains active so that he can save other Regenerators. Muerta has been through a lot during his time, with people referring to him as the ‘legendary soldier’ or the ‘God of Death’.


Here we have Mei Yasohima, a childhood friend of the protagonist. Known to have a knack for making good decisions, Mei was originally an operator for a free company. After the game’s protagonist was kicked out of the company, Mei decides to team up with the protagonist and join the Missing Mebius guild.


Finally we see a mysterious girl that doesn’t yet have a name. All we know is that she is an Operating System that can only be heard by those that are Regenerators. This mysterious girl appears in front of the game’s protagonist when he/she joins the Regenerators.

Releasing in Japan this Summer as a free-to-play title with micro-transactions, there is no news yet as to whether Judas Code will make the leap to Western shores. Stay tuned to TVL and we will be sure to let you know about any updates for this interesting title.

For now though, here is a teaser trailer for the game for your perusal;