Long term readers of TVL will know that we are big Minecraft fans and have been desperate to get our hands on the Vita version on Mojang’s block building hit. We had already started counting down the weeks until the August release.

That was until I saw advert on Sky TV with the above screen, which clearly suggests a September release, at least in the UK. Whether this relates to the proposed physical edition or the actual release, we don’t know so have reached out to Sony and Mojang for more information. It does look like we will have to wait another month, unfortunately.

It is worth noting that when August was confirmed, regions weren’t specified.

How do you feel about this Minecraft fans?

  • diabloNL

    Maybe it was scheduled for August 31 and now it is September 1. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait another month! Be positive!

    • PSN releases are typically Tuesday NA and Wednesday EU. The first thing I checked was how those dates rolled. The 31st is a Sunday.
      I’m positive, because it will still be awesome, and in the great scheme of things could only be a delay of a week, but when you are looking forward to something and it gets delayed it’s frustrating. First world problems. 🙂

      • diabloNL

        Yeah I know how it feels but be patient. Delayed is still a lot better than cancelled….yes, I’m looking at you Warrior’s Lair! I was so looking forward to that one.

  • I asked 4j earlier today if the console releases were coming in early or late august still no answer.

    • We got the “light at the end of the tunnel” tweet in early July which many took as a positive sign.

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  • Fr33Kingdom

    Anyone have a link to that ad? I’m curious about it.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Hopefully this is a mistake

  • nonscpo

    I for one am in no rush for this game to come out, were already getting AkibaStrip UU in August so a delay just gives some people more opportunities. Besides a delayed game is always better than a rushed one.

  • Guest

    Vita is already considered dead in this industry. Dealwithit!

  • Oliver Teigaga

    The most important thing in this article is the fact that they are advertising the game! Now they just need to announce a cheap ass bundle!

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  • Fr33Kingdom

    PS lifestyle had the ad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br7je-ugphM
    Very good, especially compared to how terrible Sony ads have been. Almost as good as nintendo’s “summer” ad for the 2ds. Highlights the right games for the right audience. Simple and friendly.