We’ve finally got word on a Japanese release date for the highly anticipated Phantasy Star Nova, and it’s scheduled for just under four months from now.

tri-Ace developed role-playing game Phantasy Star Nova is set to include both single player and online co-op modes, as well as PlayStation TV support when it releases late this November – the price set at 5,980 yen (~$58.75 US). That four month wait ’til release aside, you’ll luckily have a chance to try this one before you buy it (and before it releases) as a demo is scheduled to hit the Japanese PSN next month.

There’s no word on any Western release for this one, but as always we’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

You can pick up the Japanese release of Phantasy Star Nova on November 27th.

  • Darkologia

    Since its SEGA am not even going to hope for a western release 🙁

    • I feel exactly the same…

    • Jef Curlin

      I can’t help but hope, but I’m also not optimistic. Does Sega not like money or something?