Free-to-play title Destiny of Spirits has reached over half a million downloads across the world and to celebrate there are a series of special events, discounts and spirits.

The promotion runs from 31st July to 12th August – if you already have the game, you can take advantage now.

First of all, there’s a special “Friend in Need” rain event allowing players to defeat, or at least attempt to defeat, a “Chaos” version of each regions’ helper character. Doing so allows players the chance to obtain the helper characters; Tsukuyomi for Japan, Iyatiku for the US and Verdandi for Europe.

Furthermore, the celebrations will see the return of all of the previously time limited spirits. This means you can grab characters from Knack, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Doko Demo Issyo and Gravity Rush if you missed them the first time, or have only just downloaded the game.

Destiny of Spirits Ouranos

If you happen to be attending Gamescom in the next few weeks, you’ll also be able to pick up the “super rare” spirit Ouranos (above) too.

As for the discounts, the additional Orb packs will all see reduced pricing as well as the introduction of a 1000 Orb pack. Here are the sale prices;

  • 35 Orbs: Was €2.49, now €1.99
  • 50 Orbs: Was €3.49, now €2.99
  • 105 Orbs: Was €5.99, now €4.99
  • 200 Orbs: Was €10.99, now €8.99
  • 300 Orbs: Was €14.49, now €11.99
  • 500 Orbs: Was €21.99, now €17.99
  • 1000 Orbs: €36.99, now €29.99
  • Linkx41

    I’ve always been interested in this game, is it any good?

    • Phelan

      Addictive as hell, spent there over 700+ hours

      But be aware that even if this is multiplayer games and nearly everything is saved on server… there is one thing that is saved on memory card… progress.

      I beated the game, removed it thinking that it will be safe to return to it when they will add new content… and pretty muchI need to start from 0 (but still have all my spirits, points, stats, profile etc.)

  • Anthony Brinklow

    I’m up to about 200 areas freed now