Nippon Ichi has released a short trailer for their upcoming dungeon-crawler Great Edo BlacksmithThe new trailer showcases some beautiful character designs as expected from  the developers of  the brilliant Disgaea series.

Check it out;

In the game, you play as a swordsmith with one year left to live. You’ll spend most of your time inside caves, hunting monsters and collecting ore to create swords to sell at your store. Your money can then be used to improve your relationships with the game’s three love interests – Asaka, Yugiri, and Kiyohana.

Due to its limited target audience it will be interesting to see how well this title performs when it releases in Japan on November 27.


  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Oh wow. If the article didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t know this game is about crafting weapons for a living. That video introduction is so out of context though.
    I hope this game is not download-only so I can give it a try.

    • Daniel Evans

      Apparently the main goal is to find love, so I guess crafting weapons is second to that. It still looks interesting though, albeit another vita game with rubbing mechanics!