NIS America have switched the western release dates of two of their upcoming titles. Multiplatform title Natural Doctrine was originally set to release September 16 and 19 in North America and Europe, with the PS3 exclusive Fairy Fencer F  due one week later on September 23 and 26. These dates have now been switched, resulting in Vita players having to wait an extra week to get their hands on the much-anticipated tactical RPG.

How does this affect you? Does the release date being pushed back cause a clash with any other release?

Let us know in the comments.

  • Lester Paredes

    No changes for me. If anything, all this news does is give me more time to decide if I want Natural Doctrine or not. I like the premise, and the execution strikes me of Final Fantasy Tactics crossed with Dark Souls difficulty… But I hear it’s a hard nut to Crack in terms of how it’s systems and mechanics work.

  • nonscpo

    Completly unafected, wasn’t planning to pick up Natural Doctrine as Dangan Ronpa 2 was already gonna take up all my attention in September.