We get a release date and a look at the first trailer for Bandai Namco Games’ newest upcoming anime-based release.

Originally announced to be coming to Vita a month and a half ago, Hanayamata: Yosakoi Live! is now set to hit Japanese market mid-November. With that release date quickly approaching, we thankfully get a look at the first promotional video – courtesy of the avid Vita supporters at Bandai Namco Games.

Check it out;

Hanayamata: Yosakoi Live! is set to release on November 13th in Japan, with no news on a Western localization.

  • Yuuki

    the only good thing i can tell about the anime is the opening xD
    and the cute character and the looks, otherwise its lacklust.

    • WhyWai

      loved the art. First 2 episodes are great. but the introduction to each character seem over dramatic… Hope it will be over and focus on fun stuffs after the team is assembled.

    • nonscpo

      So the anime really wasnt great then, oh well thats the beutiful thing about anime theirs so many to look up, plus there’s always those hidden gems that fall through the cracks over the years.

      P.S. If by any chance you enjoy Visual Novels would you mind filling out the following survey? I know its a romantic dream but if Sekai Project sees enough demand they might take a chance and bring over Clannad. Plus seeing as how the game has already been ported to the vita it would make for another great game to play: