Is there anything more awesome than playing games on your Vita? We have racked our brains and the only thing we can think that would top that is playing an awesome game that you got for free on your Vita, so with that in mind we are back with a double competition!

We know that our audience is heavily split between NA and EU regions, so we have a prize for both. For our North American readers we have XBlaze: Code Embryo and for those in Europe we have a copy of Atelier Rorona Plus.

To enter the competition you simply have to post your PSN id with your region below before Wednesday 6th August at 23:59 GMT. We will then select a winner at random from the entries below. I will then send you a PSN message with your prize early on Thursday!

Please only post once, as it makes it difficult to sort through and select an entry. If you post more than once, your entry is void. You also cannot enter if you are part of the TVL team as that would be unfair!

Good Luck, and thanks for entering!

  • limbclock

    my PSN id is LimbClock and my region is the EU region.

  • Umar

    Atelier! WOULD LUUURRRV that ๐Ÿ™‚

    PSN ID : SaveTheQueenIX
    Region: EU

  • tmzwalker

    PSN ID : tmzwalker
    Region : NA

  • Cloud_IX

    PSN ID: Clouduot
    Region: EU

  • vrfm87

    PSN ID: Malkavilis

    Region: NA

  • MorbertDoo

    PSN ID: MorbertDoo
    Region: EU

  • Daniel Keane

    PSN: hashcheck_1
    Region: NA

  • Jeffson

    PSN ID: JeffsonP
    Region: America

  • YourVitaNews

    PSN: BrAdAZ360XD
    Region : EU

  • Magnumstache

    PSN: Koki_Monster
    Region : EU

  • Nalferd


    PSN ID: Einscrest
    Region: NA

  • Justin Paragian

    psn: Subkrato
    Region: America

  • PSN: tonyyeb
    Region: EU

  • CawoodJosh

    PSN ID: hammers1010101
    Region: Europe

  • Conor Higgins

    PSN: HigginDazs
    Region: EU

  • Angelo Balmaceda

    PSN: ardsb11
    Region: US

  • Adam Sloat

    PSN: Qu3st39
    Region: NA

  • Nikfaro

    PSN: Nikfaro
    Region: EU

  • Jeannette Lagunes

    PSN: TriCkot851
    Region: NA

  • Sonia Dowson

    PSN: darkaeon76
    Region: EU

  • iANiMeX

    PSN: iANiMeX
    Region: NA

  • Riccardo Raschi

    PSN: Herrbear
    Region: EU

  • Junebug7

    PSN: MissHelenJune
    UK ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christopher Hill

    PSN: cjhill1836
    Region: NA

  • Lieraltz

    PSN: Lieraltz

  • PSN. Ruki Superstar. EUROPE

  • XtemmA2

    PSN: XtemmA2
    Region: NA
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Short
    Species: Half Gallifrean
    Vita: PCH-1000
    MMC: 16GB
    Twitter: @xtemma2:disqus

    • nonscpo

      Best of luck!

  • PayAndCry

    PSN: TuncASM
    Region: EU
    Thank you!!!

  • CupONoodos

    PSN: Cup_O_Noodos
    Region: US

    Thanks for the chance!

  • ToneSibley

    T0N10S Region EU Thanks!

  • Sora3100


  • SeriousApproval

    PSN: SeriousAprroval
    Region: EU

  • Bruno Gustavo Costa

    PSN: bgustavocosta
    Region: EU

  • Paul Caudell

    Regeon: EU

  • Richard Gibson

    United Kingdom


  • Brian Jรธrgensen

    Id: imschou
    Region EU denmark

  • Louis Hayler

    PSN: Xxdark_lombaxX
    Region: EU

  • Zhao Yun

    Region: EU

  • Jonny Elsby

    PSN: jonnyelsby
    Region: EU

  • Cliff Johnson

    Jhnsnclf uk

  • Rebecca

    PSN : BekBlayton
    Region : EU

  • R.W.K.T.


  • gamezalv

    PSN ID: alv_101argand
    Region: US

  • LostXmas

    PSN ID: LostXmas0
    Region: US.

  • Forsaken Crown

    PSN ID: ForsakenCrown
    Region: North America

  • Wert

    PSN ID: wert1991
    Region: Europe

  • Justin Jackspicer West

    Psn jacksplicer
    Region North America

  • Offshore

    PSN: offshore87
    Region: US

  • Jason Cunliffe

    PSN ID: Ebola_RL
    Region: Europe

  • Mark Anthony Manuel

    PSN: toink004
    Region: US

  • SarcasticPersona

    Region: North America

  • nonscpo

    Im not gonna compete this time, however If I havent already wish anybody in particular good luck. Then good luck ya’ll. Keep playing them Vita’s ๐Ÿ˜€

  • artemisthemp

    Psn: Artemisthemp
    EU PSN ๐Ÿ™

    Wish Xblaze was on the European psn

    • nonscpo

      Good luck!

  • Grim_Tim_




  • Chantal

    psn: tatal81
    region: eu

  • gilleh



  • Amnael

    psn: Cranah
    region: EU

  • Guest

    psn: abran-san


  • Gil Correia

    psn: GlCorreia
    Region: EU

  • Norenche

    PSN: Norenche
    Region: EU

  • Devin Hudson

    PSN ID: RockgamerXIII
    Region: NA

  • Yokaispirit

    Rorona best atelier

  • dedis

    PSN ID: dedis_
    Region: NA

  • Aardinkvis

    PSN: Aardinkvis
    Region: EU

  • dlosnkl

    Region: NA

  • Hansel

    PSN: HanselZXA
    Region: NA

  • Scott Clarkson

    Psn: ScottC12
    Australia (Europe)

  • OtaXou

    PSN : OtaXou
    Region : Europe (France)

    Thanks guys !

  • Billy Yu

    PSN: yzzf
    Region: NA

  • Dollow Rlance

    PSN: DollowRlance
    Region: NA

    Thanks guys and good luck

  • Michael Street

    PSN: HuntedSpecies
    Region: EU

  • Cruxis

    PSN: Cowbop_Beboy
    Region: NA

  • ExVillain

    PSN: dbnguyen
    Region: NA

  • PSN ID: nunley33 region: NA

  • ExcaliburEdge

    PSN: ExcaliburEdge
    Region: NA

  • Collider

    PSN: CommonComitatus
    Region: EU

  • Imphobia

    PSN: Imphobia
    Region: NA

  • Tom Elwell

    PSN: FlamingTribble
    Region: EU
    Good luck folks.

  • ERIC


  • Psn: Kijof
    Region: NA

  • cPadsmasher .


  • Patrick Wilson Vetsch

    PSN id: jehuty_2174
    Region: EU

  • Ridley


    Good luck, everyone!

  • MrGuiltySparks

    PSN ID – MrGuiltySparks
    Location – Manchester,UK

  • Jeeveerz

    I would really like the atelier code!
    PSN- Jeeveerz
    Region- EU