A new video has been released that reveals how you can identify the traitor amongst your crew in Lost Dimension.

Tasked with saving the world, the 11 members of the S.E.A.L.E.D. crew will not all make it to the end with you. Some of the members will betray you, and you must chose the one that you believe is the traitor and erase them to advance.

Sho Kasugai, Lost Dimension’s main protagonist, has the Gift of Vision that will allow him to look into the future. This Gift of Vision will also allow you to see parts of others’ thoughts. This will help you to identify the betrayer, although the traitor will change depending on how you play!

There are different ways for you to be able to identify the traitor amongst the ranks. Using Kasugai’s Deep Vision ability, you will be able to hear your crews’ voices to determine whether they are the traitor or not. Using Deep Vision will use up Vision Points, so be sure to chose who you listen to carefully!

In the trailer the first person that Sho listens to is Himeno, but she seems dedicated to the cause and does not seem to be the one that will cause you harm. Other characters will ask you who the traitor is and you can answer in a way that may influence their decision.

Eventually the party will enter the Judgment Room, where a vote will be held to decide who is going to be erased. In the trailer we see that Sojiro Sagara, the medic, is correctly chosen and congratulates the other members of S.E.A.L.E.D. for making the correct decision.

In an earlier scene, Sho is asked by Yoko Tachibana who he thinks the traitor is. Sho replied saying that he thinks Sojiro is the traitor, thus likely influencing the vote’s outcome.

Due to release in Japan for the PlayStation Vita on the 7th of August, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for all the Lost Dimension news as it happens.

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  • Daniel Evans

    An interesting title with some original ideas. Definitely got my eye on this one.

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope this one comes over. I’d love another RPG to add to my backlog (Who doesn’t?), but the combination of sussing out the betrayer and Valkyria Chronicles style combat has me chomping at the bit for this.