A new TV commercial for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment has been released that focuses mainly on the game’s animated sequences.

Set to release later this month in both Europe and North America, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment has recently received an update in Japan that adds a whole load of content to Bandai Namco‘s RPG.

This free update adds new weapons, bosses, story events, skills, arenas and a new level cap amongst many more features to the game. In total, it is said that this generous update adds around 30 hours worth of new content to Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.

This update will not be included in the Western release at launch unfortunately. Producer Yosuke Futami confirmed this last month and said that they are still considering releasing it in the future.

Releasing in North America on August 19th and in Europe on August 20th, be sure to keep your eyes on The Vita Lounge for all the Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment news that you will need! Until then, check out the commercial below;


  • Daniel Evans

    So excited for this

  • Lester Paredes

    I’m marginally excited for this. Not because it doesn’t look good or sound interesting, but because of the MMO style fighting and grinding. We’ll see. I have plenty of JRPGs in my backlog as it is, I don’t think I need to add another one. Maybe.

  • nonscpo

    I lost interest after they anounced digital only release, besides theirs so many vita games now that I can actually skip games here or there.

  • Can’t wait omg! #NoLife here I come! 😀

  • Phelan

    I SO want this game with retail edition.

    I can pay 40 EUR for retails… for digital… dunno around 5 EUR

  • Ichigo Yoite

    Getting this on day one since I’m rather excited about it because I watched some lets plays on youtube. I hope we are getting the big update too…would suck if they skipped that for Europe and NA…:(