According to Famitsu, we might be going back to the XBlaze/BlazBlue timeline sooner than we expected to be.

Arc System Works is apparently set to continue the XBlaze series of visual novels with a new title called XBlaze: Lost Memories – the game was reportedly listed as an upcoming multiplatform release in the latest issue of Famitsu.

The first title in the BlazBlue prequel series, XBlaze Code: Embyro, recently released in the West – and I ended up giving it a very solid 4/5 in my review. That said, I’m certainly looking forward to this next installment… and so should you.

While there’s no further details on XBlaze: Lost Memories at the moment, we’ll be sure to bring them to you as they are released – so keep those eyes on TVL 😉

  • nonscpo

    I really hope that the sequel improves upon the original. The flyer thats floating around seems to be showing two new female charachters.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks like it was successful. Good for them!