We have heard suggestions of a Vita version of Naruto Ultimate Storm before, but nothing concrete has surfaced as yet. Could that be about to change?

In an interview published on Saiyan Island, Bandai Namco Games producer Daisuke Komoto answered the question about a Vita version directly.

We really love the PS Vita hardware. We think it’s a very fabulous piece of hardware and we would love to look into the opportunities. We are aware that many of our fans have purchased PSP games and we are happy they have done so and supported us in the past. And if we do hear these fans want a PS Vita then we would love to look into it further.”

So, Naruto fans, do you want a Vita version? If so get in touch with CyberConnect2 via this official feedback form to tell them directly, or you can make your thoughts known on Twitter.

  • gRANT

    How bout they bring gundam breaker instead?

  • Daniel Evans

    I will sell one of my kidneys for a Vita Naruto game.

    • Ashura Uchiha

      Best comment ever

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Really hoppiung for CC2 to make some Accel or Storm, or even Impact in the future, we have to make our voicec to be heard and our support and our wishes of a Naruto game for the Vita!