We’ve been following the development of the Vita version of Frozen Synapse for a while and today we have a little bit of news for you! The tactical turn based shooter is currently in the final stages of testing according to Mark South, COO for Double Eleven. He also explained the new name for the title, Frozen Synapse Prime in a post on the EU PlayStation Blog.

We originally chose to add “Tactics” to drop a very obvious hint of the turn-based nature of the game. As well, for those who knew the game, it was also an in reference to one of the game’s main characters. Looking at it today and applying some hindsight, after almost two years of development and original thinking we put into FS Prime, plus the three years Mode7 put into the original award-winning game we hope that after almost five years of work this is the best edition!


There will be a playable build of the game at Gamescom and more information is slated to be revealed in the coming weeks, so we will bring you more news as soon as we have it.

As seems to be usual for me, this is another title have been eagerly anticipating and really hope that the release – currently set for the autumn – gets here soon. Are you excited for this?

  • nonscpo

    Glad to know that all their work has finally paid off, would have to see a trailer/game footage before deciding how interested I’d be in this game.