Starting on August 13th and running until September 9th, a Summer event for Phantasy Star Online 2 will feature Summer Rappies that will drop rare items and allow for players to use various Photon Arts and Technics regardless of class.

Two of the items that will be available during the event are the Storm Shade rod that comes with the ‘Anti’ Technic and a Rainbow Board (which is a sword) that features the Photon Art ‘Ride Slasher’.

There will also be an Emergency Quest called ‘Beach Wars’, in which you will be up against level 70 enemies. Different characters in the game will be kitted out in swimwear during this quest.

Finally, we mentioned here about a collaboration between Phantasy Star and The Irregular at Magic High School. In addition to the weapons, costumes and hairstyles there will also be a range of Summer-themed costumes based on The Irregular at Magic High School.

Check out the gallery below for the latest screens from Phantasy Star Online 2;

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