A trailer has been released for the upcoming Rail Wars!a visual novel set to release in Japan on November 27th.

Last month we brought you a ‘first look‘ at the 5pb game courtesy of Famitsu and now we have a trailer of Rail Wars! for you to inspect.

Set in an alternate Japan where the Japanese government are still in control of the train systems, the Vita version will feature a unique story that will set it apart from the Rail Wars! anime that began airing this season.

With no word yet on a Western release, The Vita Lounge will bring you news on Rail Wars! as it happens. To keep you chugging along in the meantime though, why not check the trailer below?

  • nonscpo

    Okay so I haven’t watched this anime yet, however from what I’ve read the show isn’t that great. With the only thing carrying this series is the fan-service. Can anybody confirm if the show gets better?