The final planned update for Soul Sacrifice Delta is now available. In typical fashion you can expect more quests, new bosses and some new outfits.

The newest archfiend that you encounter began his adventure as the hero Persapius I, and along the way an unquenchable thirst for knowledge drove him over the edge and corrupted him into the all powerful fiend known as Odin.

KatThat’s not all you can expect, the game also has Additional Pacts, Rumours, Sigils, NPCs and numerous bug fixes, tweaks and enhancements, but also new costumes. This time around you can add Magusar’s original outfit, or a lovely number from a familiar face.

Despite stating that this is the final planned update to Delta, the blog post from Kumi Yuasa signs off with the ominous “stay tuned because we’re not quite done yet…”

What could that mean?

  • Lester Paredes

    I don’t know, but I sure do love r the continued support. I went from despondency about an upgrade being released as a new game to eagerly awaiting the next bit of DLC goodness.