We told you back in February that Indie Developer Chucklefish Game’s risk of Rain would be coming to the Vita and whilst we don’t have anything definitive to report, Chucklefish did post an image on the Risk of Rain Twitter which shows the game running on the handheld.

The title is an action platformer/adventure game with randomized elements. Set in the distant future, where space transportation is common, Space trains carry passengers and goods all across space. Unfortunately your space train gets shot out of orbit and crash lands on a mysterious planet.

We will bring you more news as soon as we have it, but is this a game you are interested in?

  • Phelan

    The biggest problem of indies on Vita: You need to live under the rock to miss buying it on PC on either steam sale or in one of the bundles.

    Really… what’s the point? Just to play exactly the same game you already played on PC… paying usualy twice or fourfold as much as you already did for PC version. That’s exaclty the same version I’ve played on PC.

    Come on… if I wanted port of PC indies I would buy steamboy or even that lame Nvidia Shield. I don’t mind indies per se… but come on… we have either bad exclusives like a Metrico or a year old port of game.

    • Lester Paredes

      The thing is, not everyone is that lucky. And unless you’re a hard core gamer with a steady income, one really doesn’t cross over. Most players these games are aimed at wouldn’t play it on a PC. You and I would, because we love games in general and will own multiple systems to play all that we can. But not everyone does. Yes, you might have to be under a rock to not have heard of them, but that doesn’t mean you get to play them.

      That said, I do agree on the ‘meh’ feeling of seeing a popular game ported over from PC. Or the all too familiar story of a console game ported over to tablets/phones.

      • Phelan

        That’s the thing!

        People without steady income are buying it for PC… come on it was already discounted to 2.24 EUR on steam. And unless you are a lil’kid you probably have your own PC or at least laptop (that’s a must have for a work nowadays). If someone is writing on internet… than I won’t believe that he doesn’t have PC. Or do you think that all guys writing here are on Vita? Most of those indie games will run even on potato, you don’t even need high end PC.

        And no those games are aimed toward guys on PC. That’s where the real income is, I don’t like it but it is the truth.. that’s why those games are being released on PC first. And than after this comes to “meh-system” for them like 1 year later. We Vita users are not priority for them.

        Another indie… swapper. I bought it in bundle for 1$ on PSN it has price of 15 EUR that’s 20$… 20 times more than I paid for that game.

        Will you pay 20x more just to play it on smaller screen? I don’t, it’s like wast of hard earned money. And I can’t find any reason… even one… that would justify buying overpriced version of old game just because it is on Vita.

        Guys this is madness, it is like massive stockholm syndrome. We are victims of indie spam, and some people try to justify decision of buying Vita by saying “look we have multiport indies”

        You don’t need to! Normal games will come!

        And Metrico? That game got here nearly full score… for what? For being indie? That game is bad and it is broken… and yet it got 4.6? How come? I know better free web games than Metrico…. for example now 5 years old Exit Path…

        I’m not saying that all indie games are bad because they are indies. NO! I know plenty of good indies (sadly not on Vita), and some of them are as great as AAA titles. But I won’t give better score just because it was indie…

        • Lester Paredes

          I use my phone to comment. Games are released on PC because it’s the easiest thing to program for. What with steam being so open and widely adopted. And, no, games like the swapper or gravity crash or pixeljunk shooter won’t run on potatoes. Just because something doesn’t look complicated, doesn’t mean that complicated things aren’t happening. Sure, papers please could run on almost anything, but games that use physics won’t. That said, games coming to multiple platforms, even a year after, make the games accessible to people who didn’t want to play it on PC or phone or may have completely missed them in the first place. Again, you’re going on from the hardcore hobbyist’ point of view. You and I keep up with this stuff. Not everyone does what we do. And these games are re-released for their benefit.

          • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

            I agree with you. I have a PC but I work. My transit time is about 3 hours a day. That’s why I’ve transitioned to being a Vita gamer. And yes, it is unfortunate that you have to pay more for a game if you want a portable version of it. Then again, that statement in itself answers why we pay more. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Vita ports like FFX and FFX2, Metal Gear HD collection, etc. and I don’t regret it. It makes me smile when I think that these games I used to play on big consoles with a TV, I can now play anywhere. I dunno, but for me, it’s golden.

          • Phelan

            Risk of Rain

            “OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
            Processor: 2.5 GHz
            Memory: 1 GB RAM
            Graphics: Direct X9.0c Compatible Card
            DirectX: Version 9.0
            Hard Drive: 130 MB available space”

            Hmm… now that I looked it up…. you can find even cheapest laptop which will play this game. And no if something isn’t complicated… than it shouldn’t have high spec demands…. the only reason why it has is that because devs got sloppy and didn’t optimize their game thinking that they don’t need to do it… because either way even cheapest laptop will run this game.

            And in case of games like Metrico which was build in Unity it is painfully visible, those games are hardly optimaized. I know what Unity is capable of, I’ve been working with it from time to time learning C#.

            Yeah I agree that they are re-releasing games for their benefits. But you are mistaken about “hardcore” gamer part.

            At the momment 5kk people are online on steam. And we are talking about people who are online NOW. So how many people daily log into steam? 20kk? 30kk? Probably most of those guys are hardly “hardcore”gamers.

            And again paying for something 20x more?

          • Lester Paredes

            Risk of Rain is $10 on steam. That’s not 20X more. Quit exaggerating to try and prove a point. It has also been confirmed to be coming to the PS3 and PS4. Most likely, with Cross buy, at the very least, cross save. Yes, just like the Swapper, I’ll pay more for the convenience those features offer.

          • Phelan

            What convenience? Cross buy? (o.O) yeah great… is anyone buying games just because of cross buy ? It would be weird. One platform is more than enough for me.

            And I didn’t say it is 2.24 EUR now! I said it was discounted during steam sale.

            The thing is PC is another gaming platfrom, not better not worse. And I’m often using my PS3 controller to play games on PC.

        • Lester Paredes

          Also, the Swapper? It’s cross buy. So, unlike the PC version, you get three copies of the game with the ability to cross save between them. Stuck on a puzzle? Upload your save to the cloud and go about your day. Later, when you’re away from your console, the solution hits you you download your save to vita and get past it.

    • Jef Curlin

      For me, it is irrelevant that these games were first on PC because I just don’t care to play games on PC. Ever since the PS2 came out, I pretty much abandoned PC games for console except for playing the occasional MMO. It’s just my preference, the way I like to play games, so I’m excited for good games of any kind to come to the gaming platform I prefer.