In Nippon Ichi’s Great Edo Blacksmith, the protagonist only has one year to live; so it’s only natural that’s he’s going to be spending it with beautiful women like Kiyohana, who this new trailer introduces us to briefly.

Check it out;

Though the trailer is in Japanese (obviously), Siliconera has provided a brief synopsis of what goes down;

  • It doesn’t take long for Kiyohana to show off her silly side, as she starts out in the video by saying “I’d like to thank you very much for um… having me today! Best regards!”
  • She then apologizes for being so scatterbrained, and gets embarrassed because she accidentally revealed a little bit of herself.
  • At the end of the video, she then reveals that she also has some sort of sickness, as she says that she doesn’t want her disease to trouble those around her, so I guess the protagonist might not be the only one with some sort of serious illness.

Great Edo Blacksmith is currently on track to be released November 27th in Japan, with no word on a Western localization.

  • SarcasticPersona

    I hope it gets a western release because that relationship aspect seems really cool. If they can portray the kind of tension it comes from having a year to live. It can be a great romance story with whomever we choose.

    • Ichigo Yoite

      I agree! Everytime I see NIS I kind of feel like I will be able to play the game at some point in my life…maybe that’s just naive ^^;

      • SarcasticPersona

        It isnt naive because I always feel the same way. But, either way hopefully it comes to the West it’d be a preorder for me.

  • nonscpo

    Really hope to read some more info on this game down the road.