Do you have a PS4 and PS Plus? The chances are that you may have cast an eye over Spry Fox’s Road Not Taken this week. A Vita version is expected later this year, but when asked about it during a Q&A session on Reddit, CEO David Edery has the following to say:

The Vita version of the game has been severely delayed by technical issues, so we haven’t made any decisions about cross-buy yet. Honestly, at this point I’m just hoping we can still release the Vita version; there’s some thorny issues there and it doesn’t help that we rely on a middleware partner that midway through our Vita development announced they were ceasing ongoing development work for Vita.”

This doesn’t exactly sound promising, does it?

We will bring you more news as we have it, but what are your thoughts on this? Have you played the PS4 version, or were you looking forward to this?

  • ruefrak

    I don’t get it. It doesn’t look like a game so complex that it wouldn’t work on the Vita, unless they did some crazy coding in making the original that makes it difficult to port. Maybe they should have hooked up with Curve Studios. Those guys know how to work on the Vita.

  • Michael Rogers

    There’s certainly something. The PS4 version runs at 30fps rather than the 60 I fully expected given how straight forward the game is.

  • aros

    Shahid has spent a lot of time talking about how great this is on Vita – after that and the FFType0 debacle I’m starting to worrying he is a fraud and just a PR guy.

  • Cloud_IX

    no vita version no buy