Ever wanted to kick someone’s ass by swinging a cat at them? You might have issues, but you can work them out with this upcoming Monster Hunter/Doko Demo Issyo crossover content.

This year is the Monster Hunter series’ tenth anniversary, as well as being Doko Demo Issyo’s fifteenth anniversary – and in celebration our favourite little mascots Toro and Kuro will be hitting Monster Hunter Frontier G as very unique weapons.

Check it out;

If you’re someone who can read Japanese (or just can’t help but to click every link), head on over to the official website for the collaboration for more information or a closer look.

No word on a release for the content, and as with all MHFG news this one’s currently Japan only.

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s too funny. I kinda want this game now, just for the ability to beat someone with an adorable Anime cat.