A very reasonable PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4 stretch goal accompanies this new Kickstarter listing for a “non-linear 90s style adventure with dark atmosphere and intriguing sci-fi plot.”

Let me set the mood for you (via the Kickstarter page);

“An incident during a routine expedition transforms the underwater mining facility into a deathtrap. You find yourself surrounded by fire, water, bare wires, and crewmembers, off their heads and ready to take a chunk out of you.”

Sounds like fun right?

Station is (at it’s core) a game about about an underwater expedition; taking place deep in the Arctic Ocean, it follows a survey crew sent by the ARC Corporation to search for exploitable natural resources… a survey crew that just stumbled upon something horrible.

The protagonist is an ordinary man, nothing particularly special in anyone’s eyes. He has no training, special skills or strengths – he’s just average… aside from his vast experience working at the station. His weapons of choice are the bathyscaphes, cranes, forklifts, and tools he finds along the way; the things that are familiar to his job are the things he must use to save himself, as they’re the only things he truly knows. Join him on his adventure, if you dare.

With a non-linear plot and path out of the station, this one’s events depend on your choices and preferences. Do it your way, your friend’s way, or the way you think is easiest – it’s completely up to you in this video game equivalent of those “choose your own adventure” books you read as a kid.

Check it out;

We’ve also got some screenshots from the Kickstarter page;

With a stretch goal of $55,000 to get the game onto both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 (free for all backers once hit), and twenty-seven (27) days to go as of this posting – here’s to hoping that Designing Engine gets every cent they need to make it happen.

As always, we’ll keep you updated if/when this one reaches the Vita goal. 😉

  • aros

    Looks fantastic – assumed this was a point and click from the title for some reason.

  • Wow, the trailer was much better than I expected! I would definitely play this!!

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds like it could be interesting, in a horrific sort of way. I’m interested.